Jessica Van Sack-Downey
Jessica Van Sack-Downey

I run a boutique advertising agency, but I love to write and find it cathartic. So, this is where I'll share my ideas and thoughts on marketing and life. Longer-form pieces will go here on Medium, and the rest of my musings can be found on my company's website or social media pages:)

Some background about me:

I own Yellow House Creative Consulting LLC, along with my best friend Sarai. We're a group of about 10 women who absolutely kick ass when it comes to marketing, advertising and content creation.

After a decade spent in journalism, I embarked on my second career as an agency owner, gradually building Yellow House while still writing my tech column for a regional newspaper. Seven years later, my agency has won multiple industry honors and represents some of the most trusted brands in the world.

I live on the North Shore of Massachusetts with my amazing husband Robert, a CTO in health care technology, my son, three rescue dogs and far too many tropical plants for New England winters.

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